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Switzerland – Until We Meet Again

Oh Switzerland, I’m reminded today that good bye is never really good bye; I choose to redefine that phrase to ‘until we meet again!’.

Our Business Class flights on Swiss Air were waiting for us as we piled into 8 Passenger Taxis to start our return home. All the time, my mind was buzzing with so many boundless feelings of thanks. I reflected on how I’d fallen into bed each night, physically exhausted but spiritually alive. How could I not be, when I’ve stood in places that make me feel like I can touch a little bit of heaven?  Switzerland is that close!

Swiss Alps

There’s an emotion that I simply can’t explain that washed over me at the top of the Swiss Alps in Zermatt, Switzerland. The clean, crisp air has a way of blowing every cobweb out of the mind and soul and brings into focus what should always be crystal clear…wide-eyed awe at the beauty God created for us and sheer gratitude that I have been so blessed to have witnessed it.

I’ve recounted these memories while they were fresh and still bursting in my mind, but the one I haven’t yet shared is how, in that one final moment of awe and clarity, I thought I saw my sweet son, Corey, smiling at me from a cloud that was heaven bound.  I prayed constantly on my trip, thanking God for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, but today I pray that someday I can walk in my dad’s footsteps and return here with my grandkids. What a beautiful gift, to be able to share the most incredible places on earth with those I love most dearly.

Here is a link to a slideshow of the entire trip from Ovation’s Amazing Trophy Race.

My excursion to Switzerland may be over, but there are so many amazing places yet to visit. Come with me on our next adventure through Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest

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