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Reunion Travel

Whether you’re planning an alumni cruise or family reunion travel aboard a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort, Cruise Dreams can do so much more than just “book” your travel.  We specialize in matching our clients to the right resort or ship.  With reunions, you may have one thing in common, like where you went to school, a family name, or where you served, but many more things NOT in common.  When planning reunion cruises and travel, ensuring participants have choices in how they spend their time is vital

We’ll help you pick destinations or charter cruise ships with a full range of activities to suit every interest, every age group, while still leave plenty of time to reconnect.

Being the reunion travel planner isn’t easy.  That’s why Cruise Dreams handles everything and makes it easy for you to provide your group or family with travel or information at their fingertips.  Cruise Dreams provides groups of 30 or more with all sorts of custom perks – like custom invitations and updates PLUS an exclusive personalized website for your group at NO ADDITIONAL COST.