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Meetings and Incentives

Take your annual meeting from ho-hum to “Wow” by just adding water.  More and more companies are discovering that annual meetings whether for sales or training and information are more appreciated and sought after when held aboard a floating facility.

Companies are climbing aboard for a number of reasons:

First, controllable costs and big savings.  Typically, because cruises include lodging, meals, entertainment, meeting space, AV equipment and much more, savings are typically 20-40% less on board. And that’s not even counting the “WOW” factor. Complimentary is one of our favorite words!

Variety and flexibility are another reason to plan your sales meeting at sea or any kind of meeting at sea!


New ports of call, exciting itineraries, new embarkation ports including some easy to drive to on the East, West and Gulf ports, and cruises ranging from 3-14 nights or more are just a sample of the variety available. While full ship charters give you the ultimate flexibility, many ships now offer private-access “ship within a ship” areas with their own restaurants, butlers, pools and lounges that you can “buy out” for ultimate exclusivity for groups or your VIP’s. With an assortment of dining options, companies can plan special events shipboard as part of their package. Team-building opportunities abound including shipboard rock climbing, tournaments and other events onboard and on shore – what about a private island experience for your guests!

Captive audience. With a cruise ship, you’re all “in the same boat” which fosters connection and camaraderie as you share great new experiences.  However, it also allows you to decide the correct mix of free time and company time.  Days at sea can best be spent in meetings or training to accomplish your goals while still allowing plenty of time to enjoy the experience port side.

Please allow us to show you how your annual meeting or sales meeting can be improved with a little ocean breeze and salt air!