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Cruise Spain and Canary Islands – Malaga a Hidden Gem

 Malaga is truly a hidden gem in Spain.  Located in Costa Del Sol and is the birthplace for painter Pablo Picasso and actor Antonio Banderas.

Costa Del Sol, Spain

 Chances are, if you asked a handful of people to share their travel bucket list, a Mediterranean cruise and tour through Europe would be somewhere near the top. While many people list some expected destinations, I always encourage clients to give serious consideration to some hidden gems that, given the chance, will dazzle in a way we just can’t imagine until we’re there.

Take Spain, for instance. Always a popular European destination, it boasts well-traveled cities like Barcelona. But for those adventurous enough to travel to the southern tip of the country, Spain offers the idyllic Costa Del Sol region. The port of call for many Spain and Canary Island cruises, the area affords an amazing array of opportunities to explore.

Great transportation for sightseeing in Malaga Spain


Perhaps most notable among Costa Del Sol’s hidden treasures is Malaga. Both a city and the capital of the province, it joins seven other provinces to comprise the Andalucía region. As the largest city along the southern coastline, Malaga is relatively close to Granada and Seville, and is well connected via national Motorways.



Malaga Spain



Rich history, sightseeing, authentically unique food and amazing Tapas bars are only a few of the enticements that Malaga offers. Don’t miss El Pimpi, which I love not only for its amazing food but also for their terrific service and authentic Spanish experience. Famously sunny and the hub for easy dispatch to a host of other hidden gems, Malaga isn’t an area that can be taken in with just a day trip or even an overnight stay. I highly recommend three or four nights, either pre or post another leg of your trip, to fully soak up the beauty that this area has to offer.



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