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“Interested in reducing your group travel budget? Consider a cruise”

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Interested in REDUCING your group travel BUDGET by almost 40%?


Consider a CRUISE


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Why Cruise?

Over the past 15 years, cruising has experienced a revolution – and it’s no surprise.

Cruises offer the best possible vacation experience and one like no other. The basic concept – travel from one exciting and exotic location to another aboard a comfortable and entertaining vessel hasn’t changed since the earliest days of trans-Atlantic ocean liners.

What has changed is so many things – chief among them, value and savings. A cruise offers exceptional cuisine, lodging, entertainment, transportation and service ~ all inclusive rolled into one price – often 40% less than a comparable land-based vacation.

But that’s just the bare bones.  New itineraries, dining choices for every taste, activities from the mundane (like bingo) to the exotic (like a shipboard roller coaster), and entertainment like the  Blue Man Group, Broadway style Musicals, even an ice show make a cruise ship more than just a hotel at sea, it’s an experience at sea!