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Cruise Dreams Announces Winner of “Bucket List” Cruise for 16 Friends

Cruise Contest WinnerWho could have imagined that a picture of the family dog, Banjo, would win Johnna Bahner 8 staterooms aboard a cruise ship to a destination on her “bucket list?”

Cruise Dreams, an agency known for group travel, offered a contest in the fall of 2012 exclusively for past passengers as a “Thank You” for 15 wonderful years.  Entrants were invited to take a photo of the Cruise Dreams Koosie they received in the mail and post it on the Cruise Dream website.  They then invited family and friends to vote for their offering in hopes of winning 8 staterooms on a 7 night cruise to a destination chosen from their “bucket list” of 5 choices.

Kim Gibbons, founder and president of Cruise Dreams, explains the contest this way. “What I really wanted to do was make someone’s “Cruise Dream” come true.  Everyone has a bucket list of places and what could be better than taking the people you love most along with you and create your own cruise group?”

What destinations were on Bahner’s bucket list? “Hawaii, Europe, Eastern Caribbean, Canada and Alaska were all on my bucket list,” confided Bahner. “I chose the Eastern Caribbean.”

Bahner explained that she wanted to win so badly because she wanted to create her own family reunion cruise and take her dad on a cruise. Although she was so overwhelmed with joy that she was crying when Gibbons arrived to award her prize, she couldn’t call everyone fast enough to tell them she’d won.

Her two challenges where getting the dog to pose and people to vote for her.

She succeeded more easily with the voting. Bahner and her family posted the contest on Facebook every day and texted direct links to cell phones reminding friends to vote and get their friends to vote.  They even had a message board on Facebook that monitored other photos and sent out alerts if the competition was getting more votes! That paid off for Bahner’s family. Her children, their significant others, her brother and his family, and her dad are all reaping the benefits of her winning entry.

As for Banjo, the subject of the prize winning photo?  She’s not going but they’re making up for it with special treats. “We had to hide a treat in the can, behind the can and on the light fixture to get the dog to pose,” Bahner says with a big smile. “Trying to take the picture before she got to the treat was not easy and took many pictures.”  Banjo had no comment.

Johnna BahnerBahner is planning her family cruise for this fall aboard a Royal Caribbean ship. She still can’t believe she won but she says she appreciates Cruise Dreams even more than before. As a loyal client for 10 years, she adds, “I can’t even imagine booking a cruise or vacation anywhere else!”

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