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5 Things Every Solo Cruiser Should Know

If you’re considering cruising solo, you may have already researched some of the benefits and downfalls of traveling unaccompanied. The idea of cruising by yourself can be a very liberating experience; you can apply your time doing just what you feel like doing. The freedom can often come with it’s fair share of disadvantages however, Read More

Incentive Trips: Rejuvenate Your Team with Beaches, Gala Dinners, and Designer Events!

Do you want dedicated and energetic employees? One of the most effective ways to generate a cohesive team with all of the motivation you’re looking for to meet your company goals are incentive trips for employees. Send your top 10 sellers, your all-star IT team, or your entire team on an incentive trip out to Read More

Five Must-Pack Accessories For Any Cruise

In contrast to What Not To Pack For A Cruise, here are five necessary accessories and amenities that all cruise passengers should bring aboard. Whether you will be traveling for just a few nights, a week, or longer and regardless of your points of call, these five must-haves will have you prepared like a cruise Read More

Malaga, Spain-My Favorite finds-Ronda and Marbella!

 The spectacular views of Ronda and Marbella, located in Malaga Spain are two of my favorite places to explore.   I just love sharing my favorite finds with you! Ronda is definitely at the top of my list. A mountain city located in the north western part of the Malaga province, it’s 739 meters over Read More

Cruise Spain and Canary Islands – Malaga a Hidden Gem

 Malaga is truly a hidden gem in Spain.  Located in Costa Del Sol and is the birthplace for painter Pablo Picasso and actor Antonio Banderas.  Chances are, if you asked a handful of people to share their travel bucket list, a Mediterranean cruise and tour through Europe would be somewhere near the top. While many Read More

Switzerland – Until We Meet Again

Oh Switzerland, I’m reminded today that good bye is never really good bye; I choose to redefine that phrase to ‘until we meet again!’. Our Business Class flights on Swiss Air were waiting for us as we piled into 8 Passenger Taxis to start our return home. All the time, my mind was buzzing with Read More

Zermatt to Zurich Switzerland Finish Line of an Amazing Trophy Race

Today brought a little bit of home to our final moments in Switzerland. After a cable car ride down the side of the mountain, we wandered the streets of Zermatt before boarding a train back to Zurich. The panoramic views that bid us adieu were as breathtaking as they were when I first saw them. Read More

Zermatt, Switzerland and Childhood Memories

Zermatt, Switzerland and Childhood Memories While I waited for Michael I had a silent chat with GOD, pleading that surely He didn’t intend for me to leave this earth due to heart failure in the Swiss Alps!Michael returned and asked me a question so perfect even I couldn’t have predicted it; he advised that the only Read More

Zermatt, Switzerland-Ski? What? My Fear returned at 7500 Feet

Just when I thought I had succumbed to my “fear of heights” my fear returned at 7500 feet in Zermatt, Switzerland.     I should have known, when I got the notice two days before I left to pack snow boots, that I was in for some rough terrain. Today, as I faced my 3rd Read More

Zermatt, Switzerland Amazing Trophy Race: And the Winner is? Incentive Travel

What an experience racing through Switzerland.  Experience group travel and employee incentive travel like you’ve never experienced.  You remember that all this time we’ve been competing, don’t you? Putting ourselves in unique places and situations, and letting our competitive streaks shine through as we battled for the top spot. The time was finally here to hear Read More