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5 Things Every Solo Cruiser Should Know

If you’re considering cruising solo, you may have already researched some of the benefits and downfalls of traveling unaccompanied. The idea of cruising by yourself can be a very liberating experience; you can apply your time doing just what you feel like doing. The freedom can often come with it’s fair share of disadvantages however, Read More

Understanding Cruise Line Tipping Etiquette

One reason many wanderlust travelers decide to take part in a cruise, is because the majority of the best cruise liners provide all-inclusive voyages. While all-inclusive cruise travel certainly is appealing, there’s often wiggle room for fees and charges to sneak in and add a small additional tab to your overall trip. One such area Read More

Booking A Cruise In Advance: Is It Worth the Savings?

Cruisers have long held strong beliefs on if booking a cruise far in advance is worth the savings or not. While some say the savings are an added bonus to securing a cruise if your dates of travel are limited, others debate that booking cruises online far in advance gives you little leeway on negotiations, Read More

How To Choose Your First Cruise

At first glance, most cruise lines can appear the same: endless entertainment, similarly sized rooms and lots of fun colors in the common areas. Trying to find any noticeable differences besides varying ports of call can be both tricky and overwhelming, but a simple game of “eenie, meenie, miney, mo” won’t necessarily land you the Read More

Three Cruise Lines That Let You BYOB

There’s no greater letdown than embarking on your all-inclusive cruise, just to realize everything is included but alcohol. While bar tabs range from affordable to outright outrageous, many travelers must decide if having to pay for alcohol at all on an all-inclusive vacation is worth it, or even available. Instead of becoming an alcohol smuggler Read More

Best Spring Break Cruises For Families

If your Spring Break itinerary this year is still undecided, taking a cruise ship with your family may be a great last-minute plan! Not only are cruise ships trying to fill remaining empty cabins through offering a variety of cruise ship reward deals and group vacation packages for families, but the overall costs for all-inclusive Read More

Best Cruise Ships and Ideas For Families With Teens

Teenagers can be picky customers, but a variety of cruise ships have learned how to please teen guests in an effort to keep the entire family happy while on vacation. Many large cruise ships allow teenagers their own space under the supervision of experienced counselors where they can feel adult-like in their own lounges, dance Read More

Cruises Tout “Kids Free” Offers To Appeal For Family Travel

As family cruises are on the rise, many cruise lines are hoping to cash in on the trend by offering “kids free” promotions for remaining 2014 sailings. Perfect for immediate and extended families, as well as reunion travel and group trips, families can save on travel costs to spurge on more activities while on their Read More

Three Things You Should Not Pack On Your Next Cruise

While it’s easy to want to save money on a cruise, sneaking contraband onboard is not only a big no-no, but often a huge waste of time. Not only do charter cruises and cruise ships check luggage before boarding, but watching security personnel remove these items in front of fellow travelers can be embarrassing. If Read More

Family Reunions on Cruise Ships Are the Way to Set Sail!

It’s that time of the year again, long holiday weekends. Beginning with Presidents’ Day on Monday February 17th, there are a variety of religious and national holidays that take us from Washington’s Birthday to Passover and Easter. While each state and subculture celebrates differently, why not celebrate the extended weekends or great weather in style? Read More