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European River Cruises

5 Things Every Solo Cruiser Should Know

If you’re considering cruising solo, you may have already researched some of the benefits and downfalls of traveling unaccompanied. The idea of cruising by yourself can be a very liberating experience; you can apply your time doing just what you feel like doing. The freedom can often come with it’s fair share of disadvantages however, Read More

Booking A Cruise In Advance: Is It Worth the Savings?

Cruisers have long held strong beliefs on if booking a cruise far in advance is worth the savings or not. While some say the savings are an added bonus to securing a cruise if your dates of travel are limited, others debate that booking cruises online far in advance gives you little leeway on negotiations, Read More

Five Must-Pack Accessories For Any Cruise

In contrast to What Not To Pack For A Cruise, here are five necessary accessories and amenities that all cruise passengers should bring aboard. Whether you will be traveling for just a few nights, a week, or longer and regardless of your points of call, these five must-haves will have you prepared like a cruise Read More

Three Things You Should Not Pack On Your Next Cruise

While it’s easy to want to save money on a cruise, sneaking contraband onboard is not only a big no-no, but often a huge waste of time. Not only do charter cruises and cruise ships check luggage before boarding, but watching security personnel remove these items in front of fellow travelers can be embarrassing. If Read More

Cruise To Sochi Like 2014 Olympians

With the Sochi Olympics in Russia, the idea of traveling abroad is on the forefront of many American minds. Visiting new locations, spending time with the locals and gaining new memories are just a few of the wonderful opportunities that present themselves while traveling. Given the variety of methods available for travelers, one of the best Read More

European River Cruises: for the Unique Adventurer

The first thing most people think of when they hear about cruises is the sleek ocean liners that are being built bigger and with more amenities than ever before.  And, why not?  They are truly spectacular.  But if you are ready for a completely different cruise line experience, it’s time to take a look at Read More