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Our Services

We Measure For Success!

We know we are successful at what we do because we measure it. Before and after every group travel program, Cruise Dreams surveys each guest to uncover what they desire in a vacation and how well they enjoyed themselves on the trip.  We listen for specific destinations they wish to visit, what activities they prefer to do on vacation, guest speaker interests or special courses (such as cooking classes), and other information that aids us in our design of the perfect travel program.  After their trip, we ask what they enjoyed, what surprised them, what they disliked, and suggestions for future travel.  Our goal at Cruise Dreams is to exceed even the wildest dreams of our guests, and we are able to improve upon every trip by performing this research.

We Work Harder So YOU Don’t Have To

Planning a group, corporate, or incentive travel program can take hundreds of hours and over a year to complete.  Let us make this easy for you by providing as little or as much support as you desire.  We listen to your objectives and then initiate plans for all aspects of your travel program to ensure continuity from beginning to end.  See our complete list of services below:

Personalized Travel Website!

Once you have booked your group cruise or land program, Cruise Dreams will provide groups of 30 or more participants with custom travel program invitations and an exclusive personalized website for your trip at no additional cost.  Your guests will love this level of 24/7 access to all the pertinent and up-to-date details of their trip.  This travel website is the go-to resource for your employees, clients, or group participants to view their trip information and to register online easily and securely for the cruise or trip.

Full features of the travel site include:

  • Specific travel, transportation, and destination information
  • Secure online registration for the trip
  • Details and registration for excursions, packages, activities, tours, and other vacation experiences
  • Custom e-blasts for continuous communication and motivation
  • Special contests
  • Corporate logos


This is YOUR trip

What is your company culture like? What do your clients, employees, vendors, or group members like to do? When you partner with us, we take special efforts to discover aspects about your business, organization, or group that contribute to the success of your travel program. We customize each and every travel program because we understand that all of our clients are different. The more we know about you, the more spectacular we can make your journey!

Been There, Done That!

Each year, Cruise Dreams operates more than 100 programs and moves thousands of travelers to domestic and international destinations. With over 100 combined years in the travel industry and a dedicated and experienced team all over the world, Cruise Dreams knows where to go, where to stay, and what to do. Our vast network of suppliers enables us to select destinations, cruise lines, and hotels based on your specific needs at a fraction of the cost. From suggesting out-of-the box excursions that set you apart from the competition to unusual pillow gifts, we can help in every aspect of group travel planning. We plan, book, coordinate, and organize the entire experience on land or at sea.

One Call Does it All!

Cruise Dreams negotiates with all vendors, including airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and tour operators to meet your expectations AND your budget requirements. We do the leg work and combine all efforts into one contract – all you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

We Make It Personalized!

Each guest receives a personalized itinerary to outline the details of the travel program.  We handle deviations, pre and post additions and more. From excursions to meetings, everything they need to know in advance is in the itinerary.

We Make You Look Great!

Working behind-the-scenes, Cruise Dreams coordinates all logistics and details associated with every event, including communication and contracting with vendors, billing, even assigning travel insurance. From accommodations to activities, Cruise Dreams books, organizes, coordinates, and even hosts excursions, special events, and entertainment. Our primary job is to make you look good!

Attention to Every Detail Means Seemingly Effortless Success!

A member of our dedicated staff works hand-in-hand with you to ensure every detail is covered and every circumstance considered. Your program manager at Cruise Dreams will research, book, and negotiate costs for any in-trip experiences like scuba diving, private island tours, fishing, and more. Need a recommendation? Our team will be happy to organize and plan any of the following activities on your behalf:

  • Excursions and private tours
  • Guest speakers and entertainment
  • Special events and venues
  • Customer appreciation gifts

Customized DVD Production

Once you have booked your group cruise or land program, Cruise Dreams can provide each guest with a customized DVD keepsake commemorating the special and memorable moments from the trip. Cruise Dreams can have a full video crew on board to document sponsored activities so the fun will last even after the vacation is over. This makes the perfect farewell gift for your group.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way!

Our hand-picked, professional travel team will accompany your group from arrival to departure. Every detail of your travel experience will be overseen by our travel experts, ensuring everything goes as planned. This includes:

  • Facilitate airport arrivals and departures
  • Coordinate ground transportation and transfers
  • Continuous liaison with hotel or cruise management and staff
  • Daily private hospitality desk set-up and staffing
  • Oversee all venues, event meetings, leisure activities, and team-building exercises
  • Track, receive, and position shipped materials
  • Coordinate customer appreciation arrangements
  • Handle all VIP requests and special preparations
  • Manage audio-visual and multimedia elements
  • Cater to the requests of guest speakers and entertainment
  • Review daily account billings