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Archive for April, 2014

5 Things Every Solo Cruiser Should Know

If you’re considering cruising solo, you may have already researched some of the benefits and downfalls of traveling unaccompanied. The idea of cruising by yourself can be a very liberating experience; you can apply your time doing just what you feel like doing. The freedom can often come with it’s fair share of disadvantages however, Read More

Understanding Cruise Line Tipping Etiquette

One reason many wanderlust travelers decide to take part in a cruise, is because the majority of the best cruise liners provide all-inclusive voyages. While all-inclusive cruise travel certainly is appealing, there’s often wiggle room for fees and charges to sneak in and add a small additional tab to your overall trip. One such area Read More

Seeking Top Notch Deals for Group Cruises? Azamara Club Cruises Known for All-Star Amenities and Extras!

Deciding which cruise line to choose and what type of cruise to go on is an exciting process. On the other hand, planning these things is not everyone’s “cup of tea.” Let Azamara Club Cruises make it an easy “Yes!” for you and your group. The group cruises with Azamara are nothing short of amazing. Read More

Booking A Cruise In Advance: Is It Worth the Savings?

Cruisers have long held strong beliefs on if booking a cruise far in advance is worth the savings or not. While some say the savings are an added bonus to securing a cruise if your dates of travel are limited, others debate that booking cruises online far in advance gives you little leeway on negotiations, Read More

Incentive Trips: Rejuvenate Your Team with Beaches, Gala Dinners, and Designer Events!

Do you want dedicated and energetic employees? One of the most effective ways to generate a cohesive team with all of the motivation you’re looking for to meet your company goals are incentive trips for employees. Send your top 10 sellers, your all-star IT team, or your entire team on an incentive trip out to Read More

How To Choose Your First Cruise

At first glance, most cruise lines can appear the same: endless entertainment, similarly sized rooms and lots of fun colors in the common areas. Trying to find any noticeable differences besides varying ports of call can be both tricky and overwhelming, but a simple game of “eenie, meenie, miney, mo” won’t necessarily land you the Read More