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Archive for February, 2014

Family Reunions on Cruise Ships Are the Way to Set Sail!

It’s that time of the year again, long holiday weekends. Beginning with Presidents’ Day on Monday February 17th, there are a variety of religious and national holidays that take us from Washington’s Birthday to Passover and Easter. While each state and subculture celebrates differently, why not celebrate the extended weekends or great weather in style? Read More

Cruise To Sochi Like 2014 Olympians

With the Sochi Olympics in Russia, the idea of traveling abroad is on the forefront of many American minds. Visiting new locations, spending time with the locals and gaining new memories are just a few of the wonderful opportunities that present themselves while traveling. Given the variety of methods available for travelers, one of the best Read More

3 Things You Need To Know About On-board Internet: Staying Connected At Sea

In a world devoted to staying in touch, an ever-increasing number of travelers are making their smart phones and laptops must-pack items. It’s a fact that cruise liners not only take notice to, but have been working diligently on in order to roll out new upgrades for their current and future fleets. Today, staying in Read More

A New Wave In Business Meetings Are On The Horizon

When it comes to corporate retreats, there’s a variety of opportunities just over the horizon—literally. Company cruises are becoming an increasingly popular choice by companies looking to clear the heads of top performing employees, spark creativity, and promote shared experiences among colleagues in a new and exciting way. Quickly gaining steam, companies large and small Read More