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Archive for May, 2012

Switzerland – Until We Meet Again

Oh Switzerland, I’m reminded today that good bye is never really good bye; I choose to redefine that phrase to ‘until we meet again!’. Our Business Class flights on Swiss Air were waiting for us as we piled into 8 Passenger Taxis to start our return home. All the time, my mind was buzzing with Read More

Zermatt to Zurich Switzerland Finish Line of an Amazing Trophy Race

Today brought a little bit of home to our final moments in Switzerland. After a cable car ride down the side of the mountain, we wandered the streets of Zermatt before boarding a train back to Zurich. The panoramic views that bid us adieu were as breathtaking as they were when I first saw them. Read More

Zermatt, Switzerland and Childhood Memories

Zermatt, Switzerland and Childhood Memories While I waited for Michael I had a silent chat with GOD, pleading that surely He didn’t intend for me to leave this earth due to heart failure in the Swiss Alps!Michael returned and asked me a question so perfect even I couldn’t have predicted it; he advised that the only Read More

Zermatt, Switzerland-Ski? What? My Fear returned at 7500 Feet

Just when I thought I had succumbed to my “fear of heights” my fear returned at 7500 feet in Zermatt, Switzerland.     I should have known, when I got the notice two days before I left to pack snow boots, that I was in for some rough terrain. Today, as I faced my 3rd Read More

Zermatt, Switzerland Amazing Trophy Race: And the Winner is? Incentive Travel

What an experience racing through Switzerland.  Experience group travel and employee incentive travel like you’ve never experienced.  You remember that all this time we’ve been competing, don’t you? Putting ourselves in unique places and situations, and letting our competitive streaks shine through as we battled for the top spot. The time was finally here to hear Read More

Zermatt Switzerland, Chocolate, Cheese, White Merlot

Zermatt Switzerland: Where Chocolate, Cheese and White Merlot are the norm!    Good thing I worked on my fear of heights, because today we were lifted by cable car to the highest point of the mountain: 13,750 feet! Sitting atop the peak is a famous 10 room hotel and restaurant that takes full advantage of the picturesque landscape Read More

Zermatt Switzerland Fear of Heights, Matterhorn, Team Work

 Day 4 of the Ovation Amazing Trophy Race to the top of the mountain more challenges begin!  Zermatt Switzerland, Team Work, Fear of Heights and the Matterhorn.  This day offered more “unique” and difficult challenges than the past three days. The funny thing about challenges, is that if you choose to, you can learn from them. I Read More

Interlaken, Switzerland-Breathtaking Views, 5 Star Hotel, Jungfrau

 Breathtaking Interlaken Switzerland perfect place for group travel or a romantic spa getaway. Day 3 of the Ovation Amazing Trophy Race started in a brand new car compliments of Europcar. No, we didn’t bring it home, but we had so much fun racing through the small towns on our way to Interlaken, Switzerland!  The detail Read More

Lucerne Switzerland: Chocolates, Diamonds, Champagne and Disney

 **Part 2-Of a series of Blogs of my trip to participate in the Ovations Amazing Trophy Race.  In case you missed it…Read Part 1 before continuing. Our second day in Lucerne, Switzerland was full of what most students dread: tests!  Before the day was over, each of my senses had been challenged. My legs burned after Read More

Lucerne Switzerland: Grand Beginnings of an Amazing Race

* Part 1 -Lucerne is one of a series of Blogs of my trip to participate in the Ovations Amazing Trophy Race.   It is funny how perspective can be so clear at 30,000 feet.    Flying home from the Ovations Amazing Trophy Race, my mind is still whirling with disbelief at the extraordinary honor Read More